Friday, November 11, 2011

Above is the video I made for my checkpoint presentation this past Monday.  Noticeably absent from it is any mention of algorithms I plan to implement in the AI. 

The update method for the simpleAI will take the position of the agent and the goal and just compute the vector between them.  The agent will then be moved some distance along this vector depending on its speed and acceleration.

To begin the more complicated AI, I will probably start by implementing R* on the GPU.  R* is a suboptimal variant of A* that lends itself better to running in parallel.  After that I will probably try to implement a space-time prediction algorithm like the one described in the paper A Modular Framework for Adaptive Agent-Based Steering (Singh et al.)

My hope is to get simpleAI running on the GPU this weekend, and then I will post some video and metrics of the CPU vs the GPU simulations.

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